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American Eagle Auto Body & Paint

Why Us

Why American Eagle

We’re glad you asked!

We Offer A Lifetime Warranty on All Repairs:

  • Computerized estimate system for increased accuracy
  • Computerized paint matching system
  • Preferred vendor for many insurance carriers
  • Works on all makes and models
  • Free towing services on all approved work
  • Rental car services
  • Discounts available for corporate and fleet repair programs
  • And more!

Repair Process

The Claim

The first part of the repair process is to make a claim. Contact your insurance company immediately to get an idea of your rental and deductible options. If yours is a non-insurance repair, we only require an estimate and your signed approval to start repairing your vehicle. Either we or your insurance carrier will provide an estimate after you decide if your expense is an out-of-pocket or insurance pay.

If we wrote your estimate, your insurance company must approve it. Your carrier will review our estimate, determine if the vehicle is repairable, and set up an inspection or negotiate a repair price. If your estimate came from your insurance carrier, coverage confirmation is required before we can start the repairs.


Inspecting the collision area for additional repairs is necessary before the official repair process can start. Additional damages mean issuing a supplement to the insurance carrier. Following disassembly, we will order any parts necessary to the repair. Most parts arrive within two days, though special orders are sometimes required.

Structure Repair

We restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition via factory measuring specifications and our computerized measuring system. Correct measurements make certain repairs adhere to factory standards. In terms of body repair, exterior panels and metal finishings are repaired and re-attached. In regard to paint, exterior panels are prepared with meticulous care before being primed and sealed, so color bonds properly.


Our team starts reassembly as soon as your vehicle is thoroughly dry. Handles, hood ornaments, and other detail pieces and moldings are put back on the vehicle, which is also road-tested for safety. Because repairs create dust and debris, we clean your vehicle. Your estimator will alert you when your vehicle is ready for pickup.


We wait for you to pick your vehicle up once it’s ready. Delivery includes your repair order bill, warranty, and receipt of payment. Enjoy driving again!

For immediate assistance call: 323-664-6770
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