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American Eagle Auto Body & Paint


Complete Auto Body Restoration Is Our Calling

Take advantage of our auto body restoration service and make your old car or truck look beautifully brand-new. We’re fully capable of stripping your vehicle down to “nothing” and turning it into the eye-catching treasure you’ve always wanted.

Total Auto Body Repair

Accident repair concerns metalwork, welding, and applying assorted materials to restore a vehicle to its original condition. Our technicians possess the in-depth knowledge of repair techniques, procedures, and detailing that result in timely, on-point services. Additionally, we keep you updated on every phase of your repair. We’ll assist you when negotiating repairs with your insurance company, and otherwise make certain your vehicle is once again in pre-accident condition. It’s our continuing goal to make the repair process as stress-free and convenient as possible.

Full Range of Repair Services
Our extensive range of services includes:

  • Free estimates/ drive-in estimates
  • Total auto body repair and paint services
  • Towing services
  • Body frame straightening
  • Custom auto body work
  • Domestic and foreign repairs
  • Fiberglass repairs
  • Body kit paint and installation
  • Rental car services
  • And so much more!

Frame Measuring

We utilize ultrasound technology to obtain measurements and keep track of repairs. First, emitters on probes are attached to your vehicle at assorted points. These probes subsequently send ultrasonic signals received via high-frequency microphones contained within a lightweight, extruded aluminum beam. Results are compared to manufacturer specifications to identify issues instantly.

Spray-On Bedliner

We proudly use Armadillo Liners to spray the beds of vehicles, as these liners are waterproof, resistant to abrasion, and offer chemical protection for wood, fabric, concrete, and metal. Liners are sprayed up to 1/4″ thick to give vehicles a waterproof, durable coating that meets the demands of everyday use.

Color Matching

Our team eschews traditional color matching techniques through use of Axalta’s Acquire RXT spectrophotometer. We place the device near the damaged area of your vehicle to measure color and effect from numerous angles. Should the color used for matching be different from the standard formula, the color matching software makes immediate adjustments to ensure the closest match possible.

Quick Contact

For immediate assistance call: 323-664-6770
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