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American Eagle Auto Body & Paint

Helpful Hints

Collision Repair Information

  1. More than one insurance estimate is not a requirement.
  2. Only the vehicle owner has the power to authorize repairs.
  3. Using an auto body shop suggested by a claims adjuster is not necessary, though your insurance policy dictates that your insurance company must be allowed to inspect damages before repairs are made.
  4. Repair estimates vary, with lower estimates often excluding needed repairs.
  5. We at American Eagle Auto Body are here to help with all of the above issues, and are dedicated to minimizing inconvenience while maximizing satisfaction.

What to Do After an Accident

  1. Do not leave the scene. Try to stay as calm as possible.
  2. Contact law enforcement authorities immediately.
  3. Write down the contact information of others involved in the accident, as well as witnesses.
  4. Do not pay the other party. Discuss the accident with police and your insurance company only.
  5. Call the North or South American Eagle Auto Body shop to have your vehicle towed to either location, if necessary, and to set up a repair schedule.

Should I Get More Than One Estimate?

No state law in existence says you must procure more than one insurance estimate. We suggest working with an auto body shop you trust and allowing it to deal with your insurance company.

What About Hidden Vehicle Damage? Who Will Pay for the Additional Cost?

Today’s vehicles are more complex than ever. Hidden vehicle damage is common due to these complexities, and it is the job of your insurance company to return your vehicle to pre-accident condition. It will pay for hidden damages.

Can I Decide Where I Want My Car Repaired?

Auto body shop selection is yours alone, though your insurance company may suggest a list of companies it prefers to work with. We participate in several insurance company direct repair programs to expedite the repair process, but again, shop choice is yours.

Must I Take My New Or Leased Vehicle Back to the Dealership for Repairs?

Most dealership body shops do good work, but they don’t focus exclusively on collision repairs the way independent shops do.

What Indicates a Quality Auto Body Shop?

We know it’s not always easy to choose an auto body shop when in need of repairs, and we suggest doing your research to avoid various headaches. Our shop is a proud member of the CertifiedFirst Network, which rates quality auto body shops, and undergoes annual inspections by Underwriters Laboratories to ensure we follow the network’s strict requirements. We also have a high customer rating by Customer Research, Inc., and use PPG paint products that feature a lifetime guarantee and the Good Housekeeping Seal. Our shop also guarantees lifetime warranties on all repairs.

Quick Contact

For immediate assistance call: 323-664-6770
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